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The Alumni Association of PSGR Krishnammal College for Women is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975(TN ACT 27 of 1975) (SI no. 49/1975). Our Alumni are our brand ambassadors who link our Institution globally, spreading the motto “Educate to Empower”. The Alumni Association extends beyond geographical boundaries with International Alumni meets at cities like San Diego and Chicago, USA, and Singapore creating a global firmament. The Alumni have made a mark in society globally, occupying top executive posts – administrative and corporate heads and Vice presidents of banks and engaged in entrepreneurial ventures.  They also serve the country in Indian Administrative service and in Uniformed services. In the academic field our alumni, head educational institutions steering the next generation to take up the reins of the future.

Every year Purples Day Out – the Alumni homecoming event is organized. The contribution of the Alumni at various levels and capacities is phenomenal. A sum of Rupees one crore was contributed towards construction of PSGRKC Golden Jubilee Alumni Auditorium and PSGRKC Sports Arena. The Conveyance facility for Rural Women Technology Park at Annur was done through their contribution of Rs. 5,00,000. Every year the Alumni Association honours the Best Outgoing Student with 4 gram gold medal and top ranking students with outstanding performance and 100% attendance with cash awards to the tune of Rs 1.5 lakhs. Vidhyadhaan an Alumni project initiated during the year 2016 -17 supports the needy students -Rs. 15, 82, 500 is contributed by our alumni and 340 students are benefited from this till date. Purple Heys – our Alumni News Letter is published periodically in our college website.

The expertise of the Alumni who serve as professionals in their chosen field are recognised by the College and they serve as members in Academic Council, IQAC, Board of Studies of the departments and resource persons. They share their experiential knowledge in enriching the curriculum. Nearly 185 Alumni were resource persons for guest lectures and expert talks at conferences and seminars hosted by the college.

The Alumni also provide internship opportunities to students. Students are also taken as trainees in their organizations. Alumni entrepreneurs also sensitize the students through awareness programs on entrepreneurship development and Innovation. 115 Alumni have taken the students as interns in their organizations and after completion of the internship absorb them in their workforce as and when it is feasible. Currently 113 alumni serve this institution as faculty and support staff.

Our Alumni also offer psychological counseling and mentoring to the needy students. The students are able to connect with them and seek advice which helps them to overcome the trauma that they suffer. This, our Alumni are able to do as they connect with the students both as past students and as elderly and experienced people.

The Alumni Association works towards not only reconnecting those who have passed out of the portals of the Institution, but also recognizes them for their various capacities and also offers them support wherever possible. The Association takes pride in this.