Purples Day Out of Singapore Chapter

PSGRKCW Alumni Association Alumni meet – Purples Day Out of Singapore Chapter was held on Sunday 26th May 2019.The alumni meet was held at Bishan Lofto Condo at 4.00pm. Alumni of Singapore Chapter, Principal Dr. S. Nirmala, Director Prof. S. Balasubramanian, GRG Centre for Advanced Studies and 22 Singapore Alumni attended the meeting.   Principal welcomed the Alumni of Singapore Chapter. Director delivered the special address and elaborated the growth path of the Institution over a period of time.  Dr. Nirmala Principal chaired the alumni interaction. Alumni, evinced interest in collaborating with the institution in the form of joint research, contribution to meritorious students and as resource persons. The meet came to an end with vote of thanks by the coordinator of Singapore Chapter of PSGRKCW Alumni Association.

List of Singapore Alumni who attended the meeting:

  1. Subha Nandhini
  2. Raji Selvakumar
  3. Dharani
  4. Lalitha Sathiakumar
  5. Selvamani
  6. Laxmipriya
  7. Sumitha Lakshmi
  8. Chandrakanthi
  9. Kayalizhi Mahendran
  10. M.S.Dipika
  11. Mhalakshmi
  12. Sowmya
  13. Amutha Senthilkumar
  14. Vidhayavathi
  15. Saranya
  16. Aishwarya
  17. Rekha
  18. Revethi
  19. Rechana
  20. Reeja
  21. Raji
  22. Ms. Tamilselvi